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A warning from the USA (May 2019)

Somewhere in this blog is a description of the breakdown, recovery and repair of our M3W and my conclusion, that the American engine is made mostly of cheese. Our vehicle was off the road for a week. New cheese parts fitted.

Todd in Ohio suffered a more serious failure, a broken cheese crankshaft. This happened before Christmas and 5 months later the car still at the Morgantown dealership. The crankshaft has been replaced but it is now waiting for a new compensator. How is that even possible…? What the hell is going on? After all, the S&S factory is only 600 miles away.

If you live in the US, be warned. Had that happened to our out of warranty UK M3W, I would have thrown myself into the sea while contemplating the bill.. How far is Ohio from the sea…?


One Year On

A whole year has Passed without the Morgan. I’ve still not deleted this blog because visitor numbers suggest it is still popular and I guess the experience of owning one is still relevant particularly if you plan on becoming  an owner too.ladybird1

Buying a used Morgan M3W is a minefield and early, low mileage vehicles can often be a poor choice. I covered this in the blog but put simply, if you plan on buying one, be careful and do your research.

The reason I mention this again is I recently had an email from someone in EU land who was in this very situation and had gone as far as paying a deposit. He was flying to the UK and asked if I would join him to view the car. However, just looking at photographs of his choice I could see the vehicle in question was a potential ‘money pit’. But at the right price and with corrective work.. blah blah blah… You know the story..

Morgan dealers are pretty good and are happy to correct defects before a sale but updating parts to avoid potential defects is less likely. After all, they are they are there to make a profit. The problem is, early unmodded M3Ws bristle with these potential defects and likelihood of them biting you is high. Of course, there is a chance you may be lucky but who wants to take a chance with £33k+ at stake supported by a paltry two months winter  warranty?  Those odds would be too slim for me too..

He did view the car in spite of my reservations but I was relieved to hear he didn’t go though with the purchase. The dealer won’t be too concerned at this loss of sale as another  unwitting soul who hasn’t done his research we be along soon. Don’t let it be you.

An M3W is fantastic vehicle but buying the wrong one can seriously damage your bank balance and your sanity. Choose wisely and the right vehicle can owned for a number of years for very little cost. Use your head not your heart.

Revisiting the Forum

Don’t be put off buying an M3W by classic Morgan owners who inhabit the Morgan forum and climb over the fence into the M3W section while talking bollocks.  They do this because the classic section is a yawn fest. Most don’t have a clue and think that because they have owned a classic for 30 years their opinion matters. It doesnt. It is like the owner of a Honda Jazz advising a Fireblade owner because, well, they are both Honda’s right?


Yes, Classic Morgan owners are entitled to their opinions. But, if you are asking a question you need answers not opinions. The problem is, if you are new to the forum it can be hard to filter out Mr Tweed and his daft opinions. And boy, they have plenty! “Toot toot… coming through, Mr Tweed here…”

Perhaps appending your post with ‘Please only reply if you have first hand experience’ would target those that may be able to answer your question and limit drivel from non owners with  ‘forum Tourette’s’.

Worth a try? Perhaps, but avoiding the forum altogether is a far better way of a limiting your exposure to these oxygen thieves.

Nice people buy Morgan’s but not all Morgan owners are nice. Purchasing aside, if you need advice go to a dealer or even the factory.

Six Months On

Six months ago I never thought I would ever make another Westmog entry but here I am.  I still get emails via the blog and according to the stats there is a steady stream of visitors, perhaps potential M3W owners? This means I have not been able to vanish compleatly. I don’t know why Morgan doesn’t  make more of an effort with the M3W but firmly believe whoever is in charge of their internet presence should find another job, at least something they are good at. Morgan probably have all orders they can handle, so who needs the internet anyway?

Six months ago I waived goodbye to the Morgan M3W. My time as a Morgan caretaker had come to a natural end, or so I thought.

My decision to let it go was the culmination of common sense and applied logic. At the time, it was the right thing to do. Most of the background can be found in the blog if you scroll down. Unfortunately, logic plays no part in Morgan ownership, so on reflection, six months on, was it the right decision?

Summer was always going to be the ultimate test and I can say, hand on heart, I do not miss owning a Morgan but I do miss some of the experience. Let me try to explain. 

Imagine owning a badger as a family pet. It is unpredictable, untrainable and has a tendency to bite when you least expect it. Badgers being an exotic pet attract large vet bills but in spite of this, you love your badger and are known as the man that owns a badger. 

One day, the badger runs off. You are initially sad because the badger was a source of such joy but sadness soon gives way to relief when you realise you still have all your fingers.

So I don’t miss Morgan ownership at all and as a bonus I escaped with all my fingers. Would I own another? Of course… In a heartbeat..! But then, I’m not normal.

One thing I definitely don’t miss is the Morgan Forum and it’s resident oddballs . If you are reasonably intelligent and have a modicum of mechanical aptitude you don’t need it and I suggest you take this as a hint. It is a magnet for the socially awkward so avoid  at all costs unless of course you  harbour a syndrome’ in which case fill your boots. Weirdo.

A strange side effect of Morgan ownership, I did learn how to edit a reasonable video.


English countryside blogging:


Goodbye (from a field near my house)

Welcome to My Morgan M3W blog which ran during my ownership (November 2014 to December 2017). It describes my three year love affair with a Morgan Three Wheeler and why, on so many levels, it was least practical but best car I have owned.

I have been astounded by the response to the closure of westmog. The phone calls, emails (including a nice one from high up at the factory) and the kind words on Talk Morgan were all very much appreciated. I wish you all happy and safe driving. Thank you and cheerio..

westmog views per month

Worldwide interest in the M3W (westmog views per month)



**Due to space restrictions on my free wordpress account I previously only sent the Stage 1 fitting instructions on request. As this is no longer an issue the PDF can be downloaded from the new Stage 1 page above or the page list on the right**

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Calum Frasers Rear wheel/Hub removal instructions. PDF added to links page





Steve Morris MD Morgan Motors Malvern

Buying a Morgan Three Wheeler


So you want to buy a Morgan?

We worked out that three year Morgan depreciation actually cost less than some of our previous and forgotten two week vacations ( and I still get the plane ticket part for free!). If I could guarantee to repeat this I would have no issue ordering another. In the mean time here is my short guide to painless Morgan ownership. For anything else, my email address is on the ‘about me page’. Pay attention and your wallet will thank you for it…





The build (2015)

page3 2

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Coming westmog posts this Autumn


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    • Second hand vs New, the advantages and disadvantages. What to look for and how to avoid buying the wrong car. Is a horse a good alternative?
  • List of common issues, 
    • The cars most effected and how to minimise your exposure.
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    • How to use them, what to ignore, trending defects, ‘Gobs on sticks’ and enthusiastic dreamer avoidance. Pretending to be American, the pitfalls.
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Not the Morgan Chronometer

Christopher Ward Morgan Chronometer a snip at £2.2k

It’s November, the Morgan is tucked up in the garage and I have been walking the South West Coast Path in brilliant sunshine. How’s that for poor planning? The SWCP is a challenging 630mile coastal walk with ascents and descents equivalent to four Everest’s.


Just keeping the sea on the right makes it impossible to get lost. Well that’s the theory but I’ve managed it on a number of occasions and adding an unnecessary mile or two to the sixteen already walked is irritating.

So I’ve bought a gadget that gives me a jolt when I stray more than a few yards from the path. It’s a bit like electrocuting a monkey and it works a treat. This particular monkey has been woken from a daydream many times while following a goat track up a hill or trying to outpace inquisitive heifers without breaking into an undignified run.

Because the gadget includes turn by turn navigation, tactile, rather than audio notifications and a screen that works in direct sunlight I’m thinking it may work well in an M3W. Other advantages, it doesnt require a mount and therefore won’t suffer from vibration that can render some motorcycle units useless but there are a few downsides. Routes have to be prepared on a computer in advance and cost makes it hard to recommend over a dedicated motorcycle unit.

That being said, adding maps to the ludicrously priced (£2.2k) Christopher Ward Morgan Chronometer costs an extra £10. Adding a Morgan logo to the mapping gadget £0.


Morgan Maps

Morgan Reliability Shock


Statistics and Ladyboys

The majority of Morgan owners do not use forums. Perhaps because they are experiencing trouble free ownership? It is improbable but who can know for sure?.

We’ve had a few reliability issues with our own Morgan (see video) but compared to our daily driver, a mid size Nissan SUV the Morgan’s reliability has been, well, average. The Nissan, What Car? magazine’s car of the year two years running is a dreadful car supported by dreadful incompetent dealers and backed by an equally dreadful Nissan EU.


An internet search suggests we are far from alone and feedback from other Nissan owners is often so bad it raises the question, are we, the public being conned by a duplicitous motoring press that works hand in glove with the motor industry? Cynical perhaps but I couldn’t help but notice the magazine mentioned above not only awarded ‘Car of the Year’ to the Nissan but has also produced a promotional video about the car for the manufacturer. What Car? Magazine, your moral compass may be broken..

So, in 2.5 years of ownership, this three wheeled car, partially made from wood and propelled by a motorcycle engine has turned out to be more reliable than a Japanese SUV.

Since posting this entry I have had a number of emails. Same theme, Morgans are unreliable, they know this to be the case as they have read it on a forum.. They were all from Nissan owners, none of them owned a Morgan although one planned to buy one..  Omgyjyer..


Black Rock North Cornwall


Black Rock Beach North Cornwall

Black Rock2

Price increases

Deeper pockets are now required to buy the new EU compliant M3W. Its luxury car pricing  without  luxuries. Fancy a mudguard? That will be extra sir..

No Morgan M4W

So it seems dogs were let into the Run For The Hills event 2017 at the Malvern Showground. We are too far away to have taken the risk. Grrrr..


Banned Morgan



Silent Running

A series of unfortunate of events this year has left the Morgan languishing in the garage for large chunks of this summer. Plans drawn up during the dark nights of winter had to be shelved while other, more pressing matters, (one involving the Devon Air Ambulance), have taken priority.

To compound this annoyance, the Morgan has never run so well. Even the bevel box that can sometimes prove troublesome on these cars doesn’t complain and remains practically silent.


Morgan banned from ‘Run For The Hills’ event

The car is registered for the event but my little navigator, Morgan M4L has been banned from attending.

So you are allowed to wander around the Malvern show ground smoking a pipe or while using one of those ridiculous vape dummy’s but not while accompanied by a sausage dog in goggles. This apparently, is due to loud noises and fireworks. We wouldn’t have stayed for the fireworks and he travels in a Stage 1 M3W for goodness sake..

I should have checked before registering  but have become so used to Devon and Cornwalls easy going attitude to ‘ hairy children’ that I forget he is a dog.

If there is a positive to all this it’s not running the risk of being enveloped in a huge cinnamon flavoured cloud. What is all that about..?



With all the summer rain I briefly reconsidered wearing a helmet. (Yes, I know they look stupid)

But a helmet does protect the wearer from needle sharp cold rain and noise even though they look pretty ungainly in the Morgan. I cant help thinking of those large hair salon driers. So in spite of the rain I still don’t think I will bother.





Rain Rain Rain


Rain Rain and more Rain is falling on Devon and Cornwall so nothing major to report Morgan wise. During this continual deluge I noticed it is now possible to watch people pretending to drive a Morgan Three Wheeler on YouTube. The Xbox has become the air guitar of the motoring world. Of course none of them feature an M4L yet! (Morgan Four Legs) but an Xbox does have the advantage of being far cheaper than the real thing and not reliant on the weather.

morgan m4l

Hobbit Booster

The Hobbit cushion has finally been covered with factory leather. This will move the alternative driver forward enough to reach the pedals. Cant reach the pedals? Hobbit. Cant see the nearside mudguard? Hobbit. Angry all the time? Hob.  ………



King Harry & Morgan Three Wheeler


Narrow Streets and Cobblestones

M3W Sea

Normally we will drive miles out of our way to avoid paying a ferry or navigate tiny Cornish streets. In the Morgan, not so much. Its another thing you can do in a Morgan without people minding too much. (Even with the Stage 1 soundtrack) This is the King Harry Ferry near St Mawes.


More Lost Parts

I found the large grommet fitted to the compensator housing (detailed earlier in the blog) has vanished. Maybe it is just as well. I won’t be refitting it.