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Green Screen Test


Green Screen

Green Screen

I have been experimenting with a green screen for a future post. Quite pleased with the first efforts. Backdrops picked at random. Ive only bothered to put it here as it briefly features Todd’s Morgan. For those in the UK of similar age think Vision on.

Trade test transmission





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Is it that time already?



There is something therapeutic about cleaning a Morgan. The rear mudguard was a worthy addition which could have been slightly longer but for the most part it works. What other cars offer a hammer as standard and a mudguard as an option?

May contain nuts

Vehicle forums seem to attract a particular type of expert nutter that doesn’t own the vehicle in question but is an expert on practically everything down to the last detail. They regurgitate stuff believing its useful. Believe me, it isnt.


Morgan Reliability Shock


Statistics and Ladyboys

The majority of Morgan owners do not use forums. Perhaps because they are experiencing trouble free ownership? It is improbable but who can know for sure?.

We’ve had a few reliability issues with our own Morgan (see video) but compared to our daily driver, a mid size Nissan SUV the Morgan’s reliability has been, well, average. The Nissan, What Car? magazine’s car of the year two years running is a dreadful car supported by dreadful incompetent dealers and backed by an equally dreadful Nissan EU.


An internet search suggests we are far from alone and feedback from other Nissan owners is often so bad it raises the question, are we, the public being conned by a duplicitous motoring press that works hand in glove with the motor industry? Cynical perhaps but I couldn’t help but notice the magazine mentioned above not only awarded ‘Car of the Year’ to the Nissan but has also produced a promotional video about the car for the manufacturer. What Car? Magazine, your moral compass may be broken..

So, in 2.5 years of ownership, this three wheeled car, partially made from wood and propelled by a motorcycle engine has turned out to be more reliable than a Japanese SUV.

Since posting this entry I have had a number of emails. Same theme, Morgans are unreliable, they know this to be the case as they have read it on a forum.. They were all from Nissan owners, none of them owned a Morgan although one planned to buy one..  Omgyjyer..