Banned Morgan



Silent Running

A series of unfortunate of events this year has left the Morgan languishing in the garage for large chunks of this summer. Plans drawn up during the dark nights of winter had to be shelved while other, more pressing matters, (one involving the Devon Air Ambulance), have taken priority.

To compound this annoyance, the Morgan has never run so well. Even the bevel box that can sometimes prove troublesome on these cars doesn’t complain and remains practically silent.


Morgan banned from ‘Run For The Hills’ event

The car is registered for the event but my little navigator, Morgan M4L has been banned from attending.

So you are allowed to wander around the Malvern show ground smoking a pipe or while using one of those ridiculous vape dummy’s but not while accompanied by a sausage dog in goggles. This apparently, is due to loud noises and fireworks. We wouldn’t have stayed for the fireworks and he travels in a Stage 1 M3W for goodness sake..

I should have checked before registering  but have become so used to Devon and Cornwalls easy going attitude to ‘ hairy children’ that I forget he is a dog.

If there is a positive to all this it’s not running the risk of being enveloped in a huge cinnamon flavoured cloud. What is all that about..?



With all the summer rain I briefly reconsidered wearing a helmet. (Yes, I know they look stupid)

But a helmet does protect the wearer from needle sharp cold rain and noise even though they look pretty ungainly in the Morgan. I cant help thinking of those large hair salon driers. So in spite of the rain I still don’t think I will bother.






Rain Rain Rain


Rain Rain and more Rain is falling on Devon and Cornwall so nothing major to report Morgan wise. During this continual deluge I noticed it is now possible to watch people pretending to drive a Morgan Three Wheeler on YouTube. The Xbox has become the air guitar of the motoring world. Of course none of them feature an M4L yet! (Morgan Four Legs) but an Xbox does have the advantage of being far cheaper than the real thing and not reliant on the weather.

morgan m4l

Hobbit Booster

The Hobbit cushion has finally been covered with factory leather. This will move the alternative driver forward enough to reach the pedals. Cant reach the pedals? Hobbit. Cant see the nearside mudguard? Hobbit. Angry all the time? Hob.  ………



King Harry & Morgan Three Wheeler


Narrow Streets and Cobblestones

M3W Sea

Normally we will drive miles out of our way to avoid paying a ferry or navigate tiny Cornish streets. In the Morgan, not so much. Its another thing you can do in a Morgan without people minding too much. (Even with the Stage 1 soundtrack) This is the King Harry Ferry near St Mawes.


More Lost Parts

I found the large grommet fitted to the compensator housing (detailed earlier in the blog) has vanished. Maybe it is just as well. I won’t be refitting it.


Tea and Cakes


Mudguard update

The new mudguard definitely keeps everything cleaner in the rear wheel bay but there is evidence that stones are finding their way between the mudguard and the boot liner. There is also some minor contact between the two on bumpy roads when fully loaded.

Mudguard 2

More lost parts


I seem to lose the suspension nut covers on a regular basis. One day they are there, apparently quite tight and the next day they are gone. Ten spare caps arrived today, enough to last until the end of the season 🙂


Around the Block

Everyone has a favourite local driving route to take in lunch, a cup of tea or perhaps something stronger. Who needs an excuse to drive a Morgan? With the summer influx of tourists this route is not for the self conscious or camera shy.



Plugs & Crabs


Iridium Plugs

NGK Iridium plugs are usually twice the price of the ‘normal’ variety. These were spotted for near normal money. I was going to keep them for next season but thought I would try them to see if they made any difference. The answer is a resounding no, not much, if any, except perhaps making the Morgan run slightly smoother. Could be my wishful thinking. I’ll leave them in.


Charlie and Lola


A driver with no hair and headlights on storks.. M3W?

To small children most cars are invisible. They are an appliance to get from A to B. The Morgan is so different it prompted one small lad to ask “Does it fly?”

During school holidays I get to watch endless Charlie and Lola videos, damage my feet on Lego and fish for crabs. Its that time already…. Got to keep them amused.

Too Hot for..


..funky panda boat race

It has been hot this week. Far too hot to drive the Morgan far. Even a short trip ends with driver and passenger looking like angry pandas. Factor 50 sun screen collects road dust further enhancing the panda theme.


Instow Devon

Useless Accessories 

The Lucas Tri-Bar’s have been removed. They may look great but are don’t perform too well the light scatter being ideal for owl spotting.


Magnaflow update

Todd Kindler in Ohio has been busy putting his excellent Magnaflow Stage 1 to the test. I nailed the video clips together for him.

“Hello, I must be going…”


Cold start churn and whirr..

Spark plugs are a 5000mls replacement item but changing them sooner can dramatically improve cold starting and at £6 a set (eBay) it is a no brainer. Had Morgan aligned their replacement with the oil changes it would have made more sense. So, Plugs replaced this week and cold starting has returned to normal (although the old plugs looked fine).


Gobs on Sticks

I’m not sure why some forum dwelling Septics take so much pleasure in adding little side swipes to their posts deriding British engineering, culture, food and even parts of Britain itself. Perhaps they think they will get a reaction from the ever polite Limeys?

The reaction of British Morgan owners seems to be to step back from the forum resulting in it becoming less useful. How do these passportless gobs on sticks know so much about things beyond their borders and why do they insist on posting  drivel?

There are exceptions of course but Morgan ownership in the US appears to come with an entirely different mindset where the adage  ‘If you have nothing to say, say nothing’  needn’t apply.