“Hello, I must be going…”


Cold start churn and whirr..

Spark plugs are a 5000mls replacement item but changing them sooner can dramatically improve cold starting and at £6 a set (eBay) it is a no brainer. Had Morgan aligned their replacement with the oil changes it would have made more sense. So, Plugs replaced this week and cold starting has returned to normal (although the old plugs looked fine).


Gobs on Sticks

I’m not sure why some forum dwelling Septics take so much pleasure in adding little side swipes to their posts deriding British engineering, culture, food and even parts of Britain itself. Perhaps they think they will get a reaction from the ever polite Limeys?

The reaction of British Morgan owners seems to be to step back from the forum resulting in it becoming less useful. How do these passportless gobs on sticks know so much about things beyond their borders and why do they insist on posting  drivel?

There are exceptions of course but Morgan ownership in the US appears to come with an entirely different mindset where the adage  ‘If you have nothing to say, say nothing’  needn’t apply.



The Devils Stone


Stage None


Exhaust sealant not an actual stone

Ive had more emails and blog visits from people investigating the MMC AR Stage 1 than any other post. The bad news is (as some people have found out), it is no longer available on new EU builds. But there is some good news, according to the factory it is still available from Aero Racing to retrofit.

On a car built from 30 thousand separate vibrating parts moving in roughly the same direction (most of the time) there are bound to be a few rattles. A zero rattle tolerance seems the best way to make sure parts don’t drop off and get lost.

The latest noise though was self inflicted necessitating the removal of the left hand silencer to extract a stone like blob of exhaust sealant. Harmony restored. Well, apart from triggering the odd car alarm.

Devils Stone

Folklore in an adjacent village also involves stones. It is tradition to turn a large stone each November to prevent the escape of the Devil. (The stone having been dropped on the Devil by God.) There is a large crucifix on the same site. This may be superstition but there is no point in taking any chances.



Bucolic idyl bites back


westmog and the Air Ambulance

I never thought we would ever need the services of the Devon Air Ambulance. Devon is a huge county with two very different coastlines, hundreds of little quaint villages and miles of rural wilderness but as I found out, sometimes that rural idyl bites back.


Thanks to everyone in this photograph

If you visit the county for that well earned break and see a collecting tin or charity event that supports the Devon Air Ambulance please consider a donation. Because you never know…


Talk Bollox


Ive got a ‘little cleaning job’


Brendon Arms Bude Cornwall

There are those that insist the Morgan Three Wheeler is robust enough to use as a track day vehicle (it isn’t) and that it’s single rear wheel makes it ideal for hill climbs (it doesn’t). That bits won’t fall off if you use it in such a way (they will).  

Similarly, there are others that insist exhaust headers look their best resembling handrails dredged up from the Titanic which, quite frankly, is  total bollocks  but a mantra enthusiastically embraced by the lazy.


The reality is, maintaining them in a reasonable condition takes less time than it does to check the oil and tyre pressures. Admittedly, getting them clean in the first place may take longer but as long as you’ve not had the misfortune to have run over a plastic bag, quite possible.


North Cornwall 06:00 May 2017

There are no major transport links in North Devon/Cornwall. There are few major retail outlets and even less fast food chains. Broadband internet and 3G coverage are laughable but it is possible to get up in the morning and do this… Kind of makes up for it.


MIllook Cornwall


Italian Style Icon?

Uk distributor for Nannini Goggles web site.

Stylish me

The Missing Stage 1 Video


Aero Racing Stage 1 – Battle of Britain Simulator


The sound of the factory Aero Racing Stage 1 is of secondary importance. Opinions offered on the subject are often so diametrically opposed that you are left wondering if they are even talking about the same thing.

Of course we all perceive sound differently but paying good money to drive around in a car that sounds like a bag of spanners would have been a disaster. Luckily, it sounds like 1940.

(Turn the volume up.)


Two Stage 1 Morgan’s in Crackington Haven this bank holiday weekend caused quite a stir. Its always nice to have visitors and it was nice to meet up with Tim, all the way from St Albans.


Widemouth Bay Cornwall

By the time we had finished lunch a crowd had gathered to watch our departure. A photo opportunity at Widemouth and then along the Atlantic Highway to Bideford where we said our goodbyes before leaving for home in opposite directions.


Tim’s fan club

GoPro Audio

The MMC Stage 1 overloads the GoPro external mic input when mounted in the usual position but I am working on a fix.

The Garage 56 Stage 1 sounds more civilised than the factory version. It is beautifully engineered even down to the G56 logos cut into its MAC truck heat shields. But you can buy a lot of earplugs with the extra £600 needed to buy it. (£1500).

Back in the Room


Second Annual Service

WidemouthTwo years, where has the time gone…?

The second annual service was carried out this week with no major issues and an early start to get there made me consider pushing the Morgan up the lane to reduce the impact of the Stage 1. (Maybe next time)

It has mellowed as the ECU has fine tuned itself but in a tiny Devon hamlet where sheep can be heard half a mile away it still seems exceptionally noisy when cold.


New best friend – Autosol Blue Remover

High Noon Speed Shop Stage 1


Magnaflow Stage 1


I would like to think my fitting guide and notes about the MMC AR Stage 1 may have helped just a little with Todd’s Magnaflow version.

But my only real contribution besides editing the video was to suggest mounting the GoPro in the middle for best effect (although not the design of the mount pictured above). It makes me smile everytime I see it and it sounds fantastic. Americans, mad as a box of frogs.