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Black Rock North Cornwall


Black Rock Beach North Cornwall

Black Rock2

Price increases

Deeper pockets are now required to buy the new EU compliant M3W. Its luxury car pricing  without  luxuries. Fancy a mudguard? That will be extra sir..

No Morgan M4W

So it seems dogs were let into the Run For The Hills event 2017 at the Malvern Showground. We are too far away to have taken the risk. Grrrr..



King Harry & Morgan Three Wheeler


Narrow Streets and Cobblestones

M3W Sea

Normally we will drive miles out of our way to avoid paying a ferry or navigate tiny Cornish streets. In the Morgan, not so much. Its another thing you can do in a Morgan without people minding too much. (Even with the Stage 1 soundtrack) This is the King Harry Ferry near St Mawes.


More Lost Parts

I found the large grommet fitted to the compensator housing (detailed earlier in the blog) has vanished. Maybe it is just as well. I won’t be refitting it.


The Missing Stage 1 Video


Aero Racing Stage 1 – Battle of Britain Simulator


The sound of the factory Aero Racing Stage 1 is of secondary importance. Opinions offered on the subject are often so diametrically opposed that you are left wondering if they are even talking about the same thing.

Of course we all perceive sound differently but paying good money to drive around in a car that sounds like a bag of spanners would have been a disaster. Luckily, it sounds like 1940.

(Turn the volume up.)


Two Stage 1 Morgan’s in Crackington Haven this bank holiday weekend caused quite a stir. Its always nice to have visitors and it was nice to meet up with Tim, all the way from St Albans.


Widemouth Bay Cornwall

By the time we had finished lunch a crowd had gathered to watch our departure. A photo opportunity at Widemouth and then along the Atlantic Highway to Bideford where we said our goodbyes before leaving for home in opposite directions.


Tim’s fan club

GoPro Audio

The MMC Stage 1 overloads the GoPro external mic input when mounted in the usual position but I am working on a fix.

The Garage 56 Stage 1 sounds more civilised than the factory version. It is beautifully engineered even down to the G56 logos cut into its MAC truck heat shields. But you can buy a lot of earplugs with the extra £600 needed to buy it. (£1500).

S&S Outerwear Pre-Filter


Rain sock


As I hadn’t been able to locate a rain sock for the S&S filter in the UK I was hoping that the 2017 forecast for Devon and Cornwall would be less wet that normal. In this part of rural England a high percentage of farmers vehicles are fitted with snorkels so a drought is unlikely.

Then an unexpected and very generous goodie box arrived from the US containing, among other things, the allusive sock. (It rained during installation)

Nice people often own a Morgan.


Blog Traffic


The number of views this blog gets has doubled each year and often visitors come from the most unlikely places. For some unknown reason the Rolling Thunder Tour video still gets over 200 views a week on YouTube. Ok, not as many as the poodle on a unicycle but then the Morgan is pretty niche.

It is strange that there is so much interest in this very British quirky car. Thanks for all the emails, I hope the replies made sense. The maintenance item below covers a lot of them


April 2017

March 2015-2017 M3W Maintenance summary 

Warranty items

  • S&S Timing pulley repair kit (370-0015) This is now standard on cars mid 2015 onwards.
  • 2 oil tank gaskets, now modified with larger retaining washer on all new cars.
  • 2 fwd crankshaft seals
  • 1 rear sprocket. (Steel) This is now standard on cars mid 2015 onwards


  • 1 set of tyres, @7000mls/75% worn – Blockley front/Dunlop rear

For the period March 2015 to March 2017

Added Theatre: Winter Job No 10


New Options list: Aero Racing Ltd Stage 1


My M3W with Aero Racing Stage 1 fitted – S&S Stealth filter and Muscle cover

Morgan will happily build you an expensive epilepsy inducing dogs dinner of a car from it’s newly expanded options list. It seems the urge to order a car with a gypsy caravan theme is strong in the some parts of the world and Morgan plan to capitalise on it.

There are two items on the expanded list I would have ordered had they been available in 2014, the rear mudguard, (now fitted), and the stage 1 kit.

Clatter clatter.. 

There are some very cheap ways to improve the running of the S&S engine. All that is required is the inclination, a bit of time and effort and a realisation that there is a strong possibility your Morgan will end up sounding like a bag of spanners and cease to be road legal.

Aero Racing Stage 1

Avoiding the cheap route and to protect the Morgan’s warranty, appearance and legality it was decided the Aero Racing Stage 1 from the factory would be the best option.  Morgan parts rarely work out cheaper than third party equivalents but in the case of my 2015 vehicle the Aero Racing kit was £640 less than the nearest (available) alternative.

The downside to the Aero Racing option was the four month wait. Four months to deliver parts? How is that even possible?

Next posts.

  • Kit details. Removal and refitting overview
  • S&S marketing hype. Insurance and legal implications
  • Video comparison
  • Blue Loctite as a recreational drug
  • Db comparison. Road test and conclusion



Fitting of the Stage 1 is straight forward but alignment is critical to maintain heat shield clearance and avoid early bobbin and/or exhaust failure through pre loading. I was going to cover the fitting in a blog entry but at seven pages it became a guide.  I am happy to email a draft copy on request.

email details on the about page

Oil Tank gasket fails (again)

The oil tank cap gasket has failed again. It seems to last a year before swelling up and tearing itself free of the retaining bolt. The new version includes a larger washer.


Mincing about: M3W winter job No 6


A large parcel arrives from Morgan


Some M3W owners have fabricated rear tyre huggers in an effort to keep everything behind the seats cleaner. I had considered doing the same but during 2016 Morgan began offering them as an option.

Sometimes it feels as if owning a Morgan is like buying one of those DeAgostini scale models and missing an instalment…

Important: It is probably worth mentioning that fitting this mudguard is relatively easy but does offer plenty of scope for dreamers to bollox it up. If you are a commodity trader, a dreamer, or have similar limited mechanical ability, get someone else to fit it.

click to enlarge (explanation with each image)

Morgan M3W at 7k miles



Morgan Three Wheeler 7000 miles

The Morgan Three Wheeler ends this season a better car than it started. The mods and updates throughout this year plus a ‘no prisoners’ approach to hunting down the rattles and squeaks have paid off.

The new tyres make it feel more planted, the mods to the engine have made it run better and the transmission changes have made the whole drive train practically silent. At 7k miles the M3W is a delight and runs better than when it left the factory.

Perhaps Morgan should have told me I was buying an unfinished project?

click to enlarge

A false start..

So I wasted a whole day cleaning and protecting the Morgan Three Wheeler. At this time of the year the weather is supposed to be pants. Ok, so it is cold and windy but the sky is blue and the lanes are mostly clear of mud and ‘cow eggs’.

I know this is just a blip on the downward weather spiral but no complaints from me. Any excuse to dress up.

Although we obsess about the weather in the UK we really don’t appreciate just how civilised our climate is. I remember, one winter, our garden furniture blew over but we got through it and it made us stronger.. 🙂

The only access to the main road from our house suitable for a three wheeler is being closed for a month by British Telecom. The alternative is very steep and has a grass verge in the centre. This will be the end of serious Mog driving for this year.