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King Harry & Morgan Three Wheeler


Narrow Streets and Cobblestones

M3W Sea

Normally we will drive miles out of our way to avoid paying a ferry or navigate tiny Cornish streets. In the Morgan, not so much. Its another thing you can do in a Morgan without people minding too much. (Even with the Stage 1 soundtrack) This is the King Harry Ferry near St Mawes.


More Lost Parts

I found the large grommet fitted to the compensator housing (detailed earlier in the blog) has vanished. Maybe it is just as well. I won’t be refitting it.



Tea and Cakes


Mudguard update

The new mudguard definitely keeps everything cleaner in the rear wheel bay but there is evidence that stones are finding their way between the mudguard and the boot liner. There is also some minor contact between the two on bumpy roads when fully loaded.

Mudguard 2

More lost parts


I seem to lose the suspension nut covers on a regular basis. One day they are there, apparently quite tight and the next day they are gone. Ten spare caps arrived today, enough to last until the end of the season 🙂


Around the Block

Everyone has a favourite local driving route to take in lunch, a cup of tea or perhaps something stronger. Who needs an excuse to drive a Morgan? With the summer influx of tourists this route is not for the self conscious or camera shy.



Added Theatre: Winter Job No 10


New Options list: Aero Racing Ltd Stage 1


My M3W with Aero Racing Stage 1 fitted – S&S Stealth filter and Muscle cover

Morgan will happily build you an expensive epilepsy inducing dogs dinner of a car from it’s newly expanded options list. It seems the urge to order a car with a gypsy caravan theme is strong in the some parts of the world and Morgan plan to capitalise on it.

There are two items on the expanded list I would have ordered had they been available in 2014, the rear mudguard, (now fitted), and the stage 1 kit.

Clatter clatter.. 

There are some very cheap ways to improve the running of the S&S engine. All that is required is the inclination, a bit of time and effort and a realisation that there is a strong possibility your Morgan will end up sounding like a bag of spanners and cease to be road legal.

Aero Racing Stage 1

Avoiding the cheap route and to protect the Morgan’s warranty, appearance and legality it was decided the Aero Racing Stage 1 from the factory would be the best option.  Morgan parts rarely work out cheaper than third party equivalents but in the case of my 2015 vehicle the Aero Racing kit was £640 less than the nearest (available) alternative.

The downside to the Aero Racing option was the four month wait. Four months to deliver parts? How is that even possible?

Next posts.

  • Kit details. Removal and refitting overview
  • S&S marketing hype. Insurance and legal implications
  • Video comparison
  • Blue Loctite as a recreational drug
  • Db comparison. Road test and conclusion



Fitting of the Stage 1 is straight forward but alignment is critical to maintain heat shield clearance and avoid early bobbin and/or exhaust failure through pre loading. I was going to cover the fitting in a blog entry but at seven pages it became a guide.  I am happy to email a draft copy on request.

email details on the about page

Oil Tank gasket fails (again)

The oil tank cap gasket has failed again. It seems to last a year before swelling up and tearing itself free of the retaining bolt. The new version includes a larger washer.


Mincing about: M3W winter job No 6


A large parcel arrives from Morgan


Some M3W owners have fabricated rear tyre huggers in an effort to keep everything behind the seats cleaner. I had considered doing the same but during 2016 Morgan began offering them as an option.

Sometimes it feels as if owning a Morgan is like buying one of those DeAgostini scale models and missing an instalment…

Important: It is probably worth mentioning that fitting this mudguard is relatively easy but does offer plenty of scope for dreamers to bollox it up. If you are a commodity trader, a dreamer, or have similar limited mechanical ability, get someone else to fit it.

click to enlarge (explanation with each image)





Malvern 12th January 2017

Visiting the factory in midwinter is a temporary boost when you can’t get out in the Morgan. The Malvern factory is an oasis in a world gone mad. Its a friendly place where busy people remember your name and stop to say hello. I guess it is hardly surprising given the number of times we have visited.


Todd Kindler’s M3W

Lee insisted I start the Stage 1 indoors, honest..

Heating the garage

Ive got some bits to fit to the Morgan so Ive bought a heater for the garage. I just hope it doesn’t do what is says on the tin..


Mincing about: M3W winter job No 5



Yarwood Honey Leather (Standard) Factory

I didn’t specify leather from waterproof cows, contrasting stitching spun by elves or storage pockets made from the tiny nut sacks of English shrews. I thought at the time, if I needed to have the seats completely re-upholstered it would probably cost less than ticking all the leather option boxes.

The standard leather has worked out fine and still like new after two seasons. I have tried to avoid rain not because standard leather is harvested from porous cows but because it hurts.

Scuffs are easily rectified too.. (The piping on the drivers mat for instance) another job done.

First run of 2017


The first short run of 2017. Very short.

Mincing about: M3W winter job No 4


S&S DLAK codes


The engine fault light on the Morgan Three Wheeler seems to be sensitive to transient ‘out of tolerance’ blips. During such an event, a fault code is stored in memory, the dashboard light illuminates and the drivers heart skips a beat. If the fault is transient, the light extinguishes during the next start cycle but generated codes remain in memory. When the light goes out driver happiness is reset to factory default and the journey continues.

Having had the light come on couple of times in the past I was curious to see if the Morgan’s memory was full of DLAK (Driving Like A Knob) codes.

Click to enlarge

Although unsupported, the S&S software runs fine on a Mac but for portability reasons I borrowed a Windows laptop. There were five historic fault codes which were noted and then reset. (Pic). I didn’t see any point in resetting the adaptive map.


Mincing about: M3W winter Job No 1


Dzus Fasteners



The bonnet of the Morgan Three Wheeler is attached by four Dzus fasteners. Like me, this type of fastener has been used and abused on aircraft for decades.

The problem is, if you have the manual dexterity of a commodity trader or the thumbs of an accountant you will probably struggle getting them to line up and latch.

There is a £10 kit of springs and cup washers available which may make things marginally easier for the limp and floppy. On reflection, I probably didn’t need them.


I almost pressed the button on the Stage 1 while ordering the springs. Glad I hesitated,  the web page was wrong. They do answer emails (well, eventually.) But, by the time I had the correct info, the moment had passed and I had come to my senses. Anyway, the genuine Morgan Stage 1 probably won’t  require selling  body parts.

(to be continued in a future post)


When I bought the CTEK battery conditioner for the Morgan Three Wheeler a couple of years ago the lead for permanent connection supplied in the box was unfused so it was never fitted. CTEK now offer a protected lead for those with OCD. The oddly named CTEK Comfort Indication Kit is a snip on eBay for the price of two springs.

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