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Black Rock North Cornwall


Black Rock2
Sunset at Black Rock Beach North Cornwall                                                            iPhone image

Nissan v Morgan

Frustrated with my recent dealings with Nissan, in particular Nissan Bodmin, we took the Morgan to a local beach last night to watch the sun go down. Instant, pain relief which returned this morning in the shape of more phone calls and emails to Nissan EU.

Maybe those that criticise Morgan have never owned a Nissan? I know this is swimming against the tide of popular belief but the Morgan, at this point in time, is a delight, the Nissan, not so much.

Price increases

Deeper pockets are now required to buy the new EU compliant M3W. Its luxury car pricing  without the luxuries and if you fancy a mudguard it will cost extra…


Tea and Cakes


Mudguard update

The new mudguard definitely keeps everything cleaner in the rear wheel bay but there is evidence that stones are finding their way between the mudguard and the boot liner. There is also some minor contact between the two on bumpy roads when fully loaded. 

Mudguard 2

More lost parts


I seem to lose the suspension nut covers on a regular basis. One day they are there, apparently quite tight and the next day they are gone. Ten spare caps arrived today, enough to last until the end of the season 🙂


Around the Block

Everyone has a favourite local driving route to take in lunch, a cup of tea or perhaps something stronger. Who needs an excuse to drive a Morgan? With the summer influx of tourists this route is not for the self conscious or camera shy.